Week 5 Discussion

Post two and only two replies here (and please do not attach files in this section)
Students are required to participate in four Discussion sessions. During Week 5, they should read chapters 13-19 in textbook. They should then discuss one or more of the textbook topics in relation to current or historical events.
Students should post two responses each week: one reply about their chosen topic(s) and one reply to another student. There is a separate section under Discussions for each of the four weeks.

Students should post two (and only two) replies per week. The response about their chosen topic(s) should be the longer of the two. The two responses together should contain a minimum of 500 words. Each response should be factual, logical, and relevant to Economics for Public Management.

No attachments are permitted under Discussions during Weeks 2, 3, 5, and 6. Students should not cut and paste from other sources. And they should not quote or paraphrase someone else’s work without proper citation.
All responses under Discussions should be written in the students’ own words. But they should not submit work that was done for other classes or other purposes. Responses are graded by comparison, qualitatively as well as quantitatively. And students can compare their responses to the responses of other students.
Grades in this course do not depend on whether students agree with the author of the text or with the professor. There are many different opinions regarding these subjects. Indeed, some of the topics are controversial and thus important if for no other reason.

Instead of avoiding such issues, they should be addressed in a civil fashion. The professor’s comments to students will be posted under Discussions the following week after all student responses have been graded.
Two (and only two) responses per student are graded each week. Students who do the best and the most work will receive the highest marks. Grades will be posted before the end of the following week.
Participation on each of the four Discussion sessions counts 4% of the overall grade for a total of 16% by the end of the term. But no credit is given for work that is turned in late, after midnight CT on Sundays.

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