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Materials physics Nanotechnology

Materials physics Nanotechnology

You are from an African country and you are applying for a PhD scholarship to study in the US, UK, Eu, or China.

Your chosen field of study is materials physics; Nanotechnology.

  1. Provide a short outline of your proposed study/research. This should be written for an audience that does not have any prior knowledge of the subject, and must not be overly technical. Any abbreviations or specialist terms must be explained. (at least 750 words) (Should focus on graphene in laser field or on superconducting array for brain image equipment. Cite at least 6 current scientific journal articles.
  2. Provide a detailed plan of your proposed research. Describe clearly: Your research question, the methodology that you will use, the potential significance of the study to your discipline. In the methodology, describe at least 5 experiments that will be carried out to accomplish your study. Cite at least 10 scientific journal articles. (at least 750 words)

List 3 keywords that summarizes your proposed study

Future Career Plans

The selection panel would want to understand how your proposed study will assist you in your career.

  1. Describe the skills that you expect to gain from this scholarship, and your career plans once you return home afterwards

Explain your objectives during the award (at least 250 words)

Explain your career plans in the 5 years following the award (at least 250 words

Explain your long-term career plans (at least 250 words)

Materials physics Nanotechnology

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