Field of Business

Answer the following questions based upon your current knowledge of your field of study. These answers should be based upon your knowledge of your own field of study combined with the knowledge of unemployment covered within this course. These are your opinions and should reflect thoughtful consideration of the topic. Each answer should be at least one paragraph.

1. What knowledge or skills would you advise a person enrolled in your field of study to pursue if they wish to avoid the distinct types of unemployment? (cyclical, structural, seasonal, frictional). These do not have to be skills or knowledge gained in formal college courses. If they are not covered in your formal education, how do you plan on acquiring these skills, certifications, and knowledge?

2. List three jobs that you might pursue after graduation and briefly describe the job outlook for each of the jobs you listed. You might want to refer to predictions listed here:

3. How do you feel an overall higher unemployment rate for the country might impact your career prospects within your chosen field of study?

Last Updated on January 19, 2018

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