Martha Graham

2. The artists to research are within Chapters 10 -13 of the History of Dance and various chapters throughout Time and the Dancing Image. The list is below and artist selection is on a first come, first serve basis. Submit your top 3 artist selections so that if there is overlap, you can still research within your area of interest.

Rubric – the rubric is attached so that you may design your Biography to meet the expectations of an acceptable paper and how the research is being assessed.

Expectations: Ask for examples if you do not understand what is expected in your research or paper. The paper is worth 100 points.

A. Select one artist from the list to conduct biographical research
B. Write a 6 page paper on the biographical figure. The title page is not included in the count. The 6th page is the work cited page.
C. Review syllabus for paper structure (font, pt. size, spacing, margins, plagarism, deadlines) and (#1-10 below)

1) You must use a minimum of 5 resources. Two of your resources may be online based, the other resources must be text or print media resources. 2) You must have an introductory paragraph explaining the purpose of the biographical research. 3) You must incorporate your references into the body of the paper by using proper citation methods associated with MLA writing style. 4) You must cite ALL of your resources within the body of your text. If you have 6 resources, all of them must be referenced in the body of the paper. If it is an image, use proper citation. If it is a direct quote, use quotes around the statement and proper citation in parenthesis. 5) You must make statements supported by evidence from the text or online resource. 6) You must incorporate your independent ideas and findings supported by facts that led you to your statement. 7) There must be a conclusion paragraph, summing up the biography. 8) Work cited page must be MLA style 9) Use section headings to organize your information 10) Include visual aids and or describe choreographic works in full detail to illustrate your points.

Martha Graham
Doris Humphrey
Loie Fuller
Erick Hawkins
Anna Sokolow
Katherine Dunham
Alvin Ailey
Merce Cunningham
George Balanchine
Jerome Robbins
Agnes De Mille
Jacques D’Amboise
Charles Wideman
Maria Tallchief
Jose Limon
Hanya Holm
Arthur Mitchell
Paul Taylor
Steve Paxton
Twyla Tharpe
Susanne Farrell
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Gelsey Kirkland
Robert Joffrey
Pearl Primus
Lester Horton
Louis Horst
Kei Takei

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