Only the intro and the results must be developed following the instructions.

Goal of the project: to find variables that may be risk factors for High Blood Pressure (HBP)

1. Create a variable for HBP using the appropriate variable(s) in the data set. You must provide justification for how you create this variable.
2. Find the variables for age, gender, race and smoking. You will use these four variables.
3. Choose 4 other variables from the data set that you believe may be related to HBP
4. For each of the variables from part 2 and those selected in part 3, generate an appropriate hypothesis for its relation to HBP
5. Decide on the appropriate hypothesis tests to use to test the hypotheses from part 3.
6. Examine the variables in the data set (if one of the variables does not have a sufficient number of observations a different will need to be selected)
7. Perform the appropriate hypothesis tests
8. Do power calculations for each of the tests
9. Submit a written summary

The written summary should be laid out as follows:
1. Intro – background on project and clearly stated purpose of the study. List all hypotheses that will be tested.

2. Methods – how was the data collected? What data was collected? What type of Quality Control (QC – data cleaning) was performed? How was the data analyzed (be sure to include whether values were excluded and why)?
3. Results – identify important results from you analyses. Make sure to refer to your tables and graphs.

4. Discussion – what do the results tell us? What are possible explanations for the results?
5. Conclusion – What are the strengths and weaknesses of the study (was the study underpowered, was the data appropriate, etc.)? What possible future work could be done based on the results of this project.
6. Include any and all necessary tables and figures

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