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Final Exam/Vocabulary, Short Essays, Long Essays

Final Exam/Vocabulary, Short Essays, Long Essays all in Criminology
6 pages total for the short essays with the number of references for each question listed: Questions 1,5,6,8,10 should have one reference each. Question 2,3,4,7,9, should have 2 references each. For the long essays, each is two pages long with 3 references each.

Short Essays (5 points each)

1. What are the differences between Physiognamy and Phrenology as they relate to the causes of crime? Be specific.

2. Do some research on the amygdala (do you know what that is??) and potential criminality. Cite your findings and your opinions of what you find (If I had another life, I would go to medical school and study this). You should find this fascinating (I hope).

3. What do you think about the relationship between diet and aggression? Cite some examples of scientific evidence both that have found a relationship between the two and scientific evidence that there is no relationship between diet and aggression.

4. Find two researchers that tested the pedigree studies? What were their findings? Were their studies criticized? If so, why?

5. Find one twin study .Who conducted it and what were the results? Were the results disputed?

6. What were two of the methodological shortcomings of adoption studies?
What do you think about the relationship between heredity and crime?

7. What does it mean that the effects between learning disabilities and crime are indirect and likely mediated by events and social circumstances? Be specific. Do an internet search and see what you can find about over-diagnosing ADHD and what that could mean regarding medicating youth who do not need to be medicated.
Attach what you find.

8. Specifically, what was the twinkie defense? Who used it and was the defense successful?

9. Differentiate between the perspectives of Ernst Kretschmer and William Sheldon
What do you think about the quality and comprehensiveness of their perspectives?

10. Where are we today regarding biological theories? In other words, are biological theories popular? Which ones and why are they popular?

Long Essays (10 points each) You answers must be at least 2 pages double spaced.

1. Discuss the time frames for all of the biological and physiological theories assumptions that we have discussed. Hint: It all began with who, what and why according to the book? With each theory you discuss, make sure you discuss the time period it was popular, who was responsible for the theory, what is the basic premise of the theory?

2. If you had your choice of theories (top 3), which made the most sense to you to explain criminal behavior, what would your top 3 be and why? Give some background on the theories and apply it to a recent situation (that is real). This can be bio, psych, social, bio-social, just explain why.

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