Managerial Engineering Economics

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  1. In class we discussed how the Industrial Revolution was the beginning for organizational theory. Give me three examples of changes the Industrial Revolution introduced that led to the need for organizational theory.  (20 points)


  1. Describe Scientific Management and why it was a logical start for organizational theory. (20 Points)


  1. Based on what we discussed in class would you say that stereotyping is unacceptable in all cases? Why or why not?  What is the difference between stereotyping and prejudice? (20 points)


  1. Answer the following questions assuming the role as a manager. (Each question is worth 4 points)
    1. Motivation is a factor. What do you know about motivation that will help you to assess and provide motivation for your subordinates – state relative theories where appropriate?
    2. How might you consider job design as a way to improve morale and performance?
    3. What steps might you consider to improve Quality of Work Life?
    4. What would you do to make sure the evaluation system helps improve performance?
    5. What will you consider in trying to provide a good the rewards system?
  1. As a manager, a female employee comes to you and says that she does not feel comfortable working in the space she is in where she is the only woman among five men. She says that she does not like the comments she hears about her from the men in the room.  What will you do? (10 points)


  1. Your organization has strict policies against substance abuse. You have a subordinate that has been taking long lunch breaks and often you noticed a smell of alcohol.  This employee frequently comes to work late and can sometimes become easily agitated.  What will you do? (10 points)


  1. As a manager, what is important for you to know about stress and how it affects production?What recommendations will you consider for improving managers’ recognition of stress and how to deal with it? (20 points)


  1. What is important for you to know about group dynamics as a manager? Be sure to discuss the relationships between cohesion, conformity and group think and ways that you can influence them (20 points)


  1. As a manger, what do you need to know about conflict, negotiation and power? (be sure to discuss all three)(20 points)


  1. As a manager, based on what we discussed in class, what do you need to know about decision making?  (20 points)


  1. You have been assigned to a work group in your organization to address structure and design issues in the organization and also with how the organization deals with change management. (Each question is worth 4 points)
    1. Given that the organization realizes it needs to be more adaptive to change, would you tend to recommend more mechanical or a more organic model for your organization’s design? Why?
    2. What are some of the downsides to the option you will tend to support?
    3. What are the advantages to supporting flatter organizations?
    4. In what ways do employees commonly resist change and what can your organization do to establish a culture that is more accepting of change?
    5. What can your organization do about overt and covert resistance to change?


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