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Question 1

Deliverables for this assignment are:

1. major milestones for your company (see below) 2. projection of financial performance (see below)

At this point in the business plan we are still moving towards the back-end by providing Major Milestones of your business venture. This segment of your business plan is crucial in securing funding by enhancing your selling effort of your new venture to perspective investors, including banks. It presents the major milestones that your business is committed to achieving with the specific round of financing. This needs only be a page featuring a task list with key dates. We also like to see a sentence or two on how to mitigate the risk of these key milestones at the bottom of the page (Meyer, & Crane, 2014). (1 page)

Projecting the financial performance and requirements for the venture is related to the major milestones. It is necessary to translate your business model (developed in PA1) into actual numbers by projecting revenues, expenses, operating profit, income, expenses, cash flows, capital investments, and related startup costs. It is important to ensure that these projections are in alignment with your business model and related strategies to compete as a new business venture.

Stated in another way, it is imperative that you develop meaningful financial projections and offer different approaches for financing your new venture and for analyzing costs, expenses, and profits. Please follow chapter 9 carefully so that you consider all aspects of projecting financial performance.(3 pages ). Give In text citations and peer reviewed references at least seven (7).

Question 2

Identify some elements of your presentation that will enable you to tell the story of your Milestones? (see figure 12.4 in your text)

Question 3

Given that you are a CEO of a company and have a property in Tennessee that you can donate for use to disaster victims but don’t want to use your money to renovate this property. Make a thorough research and outline at least 10 organizations that can donate to you towards renovating this property to make it available for charity. Give peer reviewed references


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