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Management final project


Instructions: This project requires you to apply the concepts and methods learned so far in the course. You are to write your responses in accordance with APA standards and cite a minimum of two (2) scholarly peer reviewed sources and at least one entire scripture verse.Your paper submission should follow the below stated composition and formatting guidelines; and be composed unto a “Word Document.”

  • Title page with a “Running head:” page number (top right), your name, course, date, and an appropriate title.
  • Use double space, Times New Roman, and 12pt font.
  • Upon citing works, add a separate reference page.
  • These APA additions are NOT a part of the word count range of 1500-1800 words for the paper.

Deliverables TAKING STOCK:

  1. What trade-offs are involved in shifting from a traditional operations system to a lean system for a manufacturing firm? For a service firm? Explain and support findings.
  2. Who in the organization is affected by a decision to shift from a traditional operations system to a lean system? Explain and support findings.
  3. To what extent has technology had an impact on lean systems? Explain and support findings.

Submit your paper to the Professor via the Assignment Manager link.

Last Updated on March 8, 2019

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