Additional Implementation Issues

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Additional Implementation Issues

The purpose of this section is to identify any implementation issues not already covered in the previous sections of the business case.Identify and explain three issue areas and how they will be handled in the implementation of the proposed system.The issues identified could come from any aspect of the system; the following questions may be considered, but issues do not have to be limited to these areas:

  • What else should the organization consider?
  • What things should the project team keep in mind?
  • Are there any ethical or cultural considerations?
  • What impact will there be to the employees if processes and/or systems are changed?
  • What impact will there be on the workplace?

Approach to Developing this Section

Consider the system being proposed and the organization in the case study, and identify three issues that have not previously been discussed in the business case.Consider the questions above, as needed, to assist in the analysis.For each of the three:

  • Identify the issue
  • Explain why it is an issue
  • Describe how it should be handled during the implementation of the proposed system.

Additional Implementation Issues

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