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Theories of Leadership & Leadership Styles

Part 1.

Theories of Leadership

Briefly describe each of the theories of leadership discussed in the readings this week. Explain which theory of leadership you believe is most effective and why (e.g., trait theory, behavioral theories; contingency theories; Fiedler’s model; Situational leadership theory; Path-Goal Theory; Leader-Participation Model; or LMX theory). Support your main ideas with detail, explanation, and evidence.

Part 2.

Leadership Styles

Compare and contrast the key characteristics of transactional, charismatic, and transformational leaders. Identify a famous or well-known leader from a major corporation or business in the modern world (e.g., IBM, CVS, Sony, HP, etc.) that exemplifies one of the three styles. Describe why your chosen leader exemplifies that style. Discuss whether a leader could demonstrate more than one leadership style.

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