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Literature Questions

Choose 2 of the following essay questions.  In your response, you do not need to quote from any source unless you feel it is necessary.  For the purposes of this exam, you can assume that the reader has read the texts.

  1. Compare and Contrast the themes in some of the short stories.  Are there similarities in “Girl” and “A Rose for Emily”?  What about the other stories we have covered?  Try to focus on the characters and if they share the same traits or are portrayed similarly in each story.
  2. What is your response to the ending of “The Yellow Wallpaper”?  Do you believe the narrator is insane, haunted, or something else entirely?  In your answer, be sure to refer to earlier parts of the story to support your claim.  You might also find it useful to discuss the narrator’s point of view and the use of symbolism as they relate to the story’s outcome and development.
  3. Compare the themes used in “Young Goodman Brown” and “The Lottery”.  Are there any similarities in the stories?  For example, some readers argue that both tales are about the role of tradition in society and how it can prove corrupting.  In your response, you are free to explore this common interpretation or explore other themes present in the stories.
  4. Trace the plot and action in one of the stories.  Make sure you mention some of the terms we have covered that describe plot (i.e. exposition, crisis, protagonist).  Be specific and explain what these terms mean and why you believe your analysis is correct as they apply to your chosen story.


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