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Explication of two texts, comparing themes

Use James Joyce Araby and Chekhov’s The Lady with the little dog

The paper directions are in the file Eng3312_Essay.

Comments on explication and what are expected are in another upload. Please let me know if you have any questions.

” The skills that this essay will evaluate are 1) close reading or explication of texts 2) ability to read texts together and connect them thematically. You need not use any outside sources to support your thesis in this essay: rely on textual evidence for that. The assignment Choose any two of the short stories in the syllabus and by close‐reading passages/scenes from them, demonstrate their points of interconnectedness.

You should be able to choose a theme that connects the two texts together, and the passages that you choose to read closely should bear that connection out. Your thesis statement for the essay would be your argument for this common them that links the two stories; your evidence should come from passages from the two texts that “work well” together. This will determine how well the texts work together as a “pair.” ”

Feel free to write about any theme that you find between the two stories.
One possible theme that the stories have in common is love and the struggles the main characters have with wooing or dating the one they have fallen for.

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