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You are NOT permitted to use a rough draft essay or sentence form outline of the essay, notes, dictionary or Smartphone. However, you may use your copy of The Norton Anthology.
A Reminder About Plagiarism: This essay must be your own writing based on our in-class analysis of the texts. No use of resource texts is permitted for this essay. You can find very bad essays on these texts on cheat sites. Any use of cheat essays, whether copying of ideas, information or sentences, will be considered plagiarism. This will result in a ZERO grade on the essay and a letter placed in your college file.


 Be at least five paragraphs in length, consisting of no fewer than six (6) sentences per paragraph (minimum 800 words)
 Introduction (include attention grabber and thesis)
 Three Body Paragraphs develop three points (two examples per point/paragraph)
Offer proper support and information
 Conclusion (tie together, no redundancy)
 Free of grammatical, mechanical, spelling errors.


For this assignment you will be writing essay #1 on The Salem Witch Trials. It is suggested you follow this plan:
1. Reflect on the topic and plan your thesis with three main points and organization of your ideas.
2. Begin writing your essay, using double spacing (SKIP LINES); write on the front side on the page, only.

3. Edit to ensure ideas are clearly explained and supported and check that obvious grammatical, mechanical, and spelling errors are corrected.
4. Check the included rubric to ensure all steps have been completed.
*Note: One point will be deducted for each grammatical, mechanical, and spelling error found in your writing, so be sure to proofread carefully.
“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18).
What caused the Salem Witch Crisis of 1692? You must give three pieces of evidence and support your claims with specific examples from the textbook, assigned readings, and in-class videos and film. Each body paragraph should contain at least one specific quote to support your argument.

the two topics are : The Norton Anthology: American Literature- shorter eighth edition and Three Sovereigns for Sarah video PBS

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