Teacher Interview

Teacher Interview
Interview a classroom teacher (or other approved school personnel), preferably face-to-face, using the questions below. The questions and responses to these questions must be typed (Question/Response format). Identify the grade level taught by the teacher, number of years taught, and any relevant school-related information. Include a reflection on the experience. Relate responses to what you have learned about teaching reading and assessment to date. This includes relevant course work at College and any personal connections. Include appropriate Reading Endorsement Competencies and ESOL Standard 4.1 must be identified.

1. What type of informal assessments do you use to monitor students and plan for instruction?
Probes- What daily or weekly assessment do you utilize in the classroom? How do you modify these
assessments for ELLs? How do you modify these assessments for ESE students?
2. What type of formal assessments or standardized tests do you use?
Probe- Are these school-wide or state-wide assessments?
3. How are these assessments used to guide instruction?
Probe- Can you give me an example of how an assessment is used to group children?
4. How do you organize your reading block?
Probes- Do you have kids working in centers or doing some independent work? How do you launch your reading block? How do you support ELLs?
5. What are you doing during the reading block?
6. What are students doing during the reading block?
7. What materials/program(s) do you use to teach reading?
Probes- Does the entire school use the same materials/program? Do you have flexibility to choose
materials based on students’ needs and interests? How do you modify materials to meet the needs of
8. What types of accommodations are made for ESE students related to assessment and instruction? Are your
ESE students serviced within your classroom or outside of the classroom? If they are serviced in the
classroom, what does this look like? How do you collaborate with the ESE teacher?
9. What are some programs you (or your school) offer to promote family involvement?
Probe- Are these done at the school site or at home?
10. What do you (or your school) do to enhance student motivation to read?
11. What do you believe is the most challenging aspect of teaching reading? Why?

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