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1.I like country blues, but this is a very recent development. While the music depicts themes that are less common in modern day culture, I believe there are prominent themes that have carried through to modern day. The themes of love, loss, resentment, happiness, etc are relatable to every person. The music may sound “foreign,” but the ultimate message rings true even to this day. I think that’s why I have become more engaged with country blues music as I’ve gotten older and have been able to relate to the themes on a deeper level.
I don’t really understand people who say they don’t like country music. I used to be one of those people who would quickly write off country music even though my music taste included practically every other genre. I had no idea why I didn’t like it, but I think I just said I didn’t because a lot of other people said they didn’t. Once I actually listened to it, it was really hard not to like it. I think at this point the stigma against country music is just a product of a longstanding cultural prejudice that isn’t really based on any concrete experience or understanding of what the music really is.

2.I certainly enjoy listening to country blues and hillbilly music, however I’d say it’s not at the top of my list when I reach for my Spotify music. We live in a culture where rap, hip-hop, and pop music are at the forefront of this generation’s music taste. While that is not a bad thing, it’s difficult to hear individuals criticizing country music without really having much knowledge or experience listening to that type of music. There is certainly a negative stigma surrounding country music where if you listen to that type of music, you are either a “redneck” or just have a very strange taste in music. I appreciate listening to country music because of its distinct sound. The music can be upbeat and fun, or a lovely slow song. However, there is certainly a negative connotation when it comes to thinking about the individuals who not only play country music for a living, but also for those that listen to country music.
I believe the prejudice attached to country music coincides with the history of country music. Country music originates from the souther part of America, and unfortunately, in this time and age, there is a lot of tension between races. So, if you’re even the slightest bit racist, you may hold a grudge against country music. As well, there’s the connotation of only “rednecks” listen to country music. So, the idea of being part of that group gives people a horrible impression of country music from the get-go.
One suggestion I’d make is to not judge a book by its cover. Country music is certainly not the only genre of music that comes with a negative stigma for some individuals. Listen to the music before brushing it off. Don’t let others words and actions regarding that type of music sway your thoughts on it. Give it a chance. Who knows, you may soon love that type of music, and learn some cool songs in the process.

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