Leadership Thoughts

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Please click on the attached template that contains three chapter-related questions. You are required to answer the questions in essay form – critically analyzing the effects of perception and employee motivation. REMEMBER: At a Master’s level course you are critically evaluating and synthesizing material. USE scholarly articles/journals, books, etc. found in our University Library. Search the databases for reliable, scholarly, academic resources (not Wikipedia, someone’s PowerPoint or blogs); include a referenc

e page of the sources you relied upon. Also, remember an important element of your assignment is to apply the learning with a focus on how to achieve motivation through leadership in an organization.

The template includes:

  • Title/cover page
  • Essay questions
  • Reference page

Papers must follow Publication Manual of the APA 6th ed., in regards to citing sources to avoid plagiarized work. You will utilize content from the textbook, and any additional resources, such as scholarly articles, journals, books, assigned videos. (Note: Wikis, blogs, and any other publicly editable or opinion based information is not a scholarly resource). See the Rubric for specific details to guide you in developing your papers.


Leadership Foundations Template

Week #2

Shannon Thomas

MOL 6100

January 26, 2020



Leadership Thoughts


Please answer the following three questions using essay form.

  1. Some people believe that leaders create or destroy organizational culture. Think about the culture in your organization. How have your leaders contributed to a positive organizational culture?



  1. Think about a current/past job that you held. How motivated were you to do a good job? Which of the theories discussed throughout the course materials could best explain your high (or low) level of motivation?





  1. As a current or future manager, which of the theories discussed throughout the course materials will be of most use to you in motivating your employees? Please explain.









Please use APA format

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