Motivation discussion

Think about a workplace motivation and attitude question and hypothesis that you have an interest in exploring further (feel free to use your work from the last unit here). Keep these in mind when answering the following questions for the Discussion this week:

Share your workplace motivation and attitude research question along with your corresponding hypothesis with the class. Describe your question in both research and application terms (you may use one that you are recommending as a best practice for your Unit 9 Assignment). Explain if your question is qualitative or quantitative. Discuss how this influences the type of research design that you will use for obtaining your data (employee survey research, case study, etc.). If your study is primarily quantitative, how could you revise it to be qualitative, and vice versa? Explain your preference for qualitative or quantitative I/O psychological research. Why?

Then, using the different theories for building a high-performance organization, which theory and tools would you apply to build workplace satisfaction, positive motivation and attitudes within your workplace organization? What kinds of data-driven tools would you use? What kinds of strategies and approaches would you implement based upon the type of empirical-based information/data that you have collected?


Last Updated on January 26, 2020

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