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Kodak Appraiser case

1. Regarding the Kodak Appraiser case (7.10), explain the scheme that the participants used to reduce Kodak’s taxes, and what ethical issues arose.

2. Based on the case readings, what components of an employer romance policy could reduce the tensions and other problems that might arise?

3. If you were developing a policy to give employees about blogging, what would you include based on the readings and cases?

4. Regarding the case involving the Welch/Wetlaufer affair, discuss how that private relationship affected the workplace for both parties (Ms. Wetlaufer and Mr. Welch).

5. Using Reading 7.22 on performance evaluations and Case 7.23 on the denial of a partnership to Ann Hopkins, make a list of the things the partners should have done differently in performing partner evaluations.

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