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Knowledge Test Assessment Task

Assessment Task 1: Knowledge Test

Q1:Answer the following questions regarding specify adequate response times for providing services 1.1. What is a service response time for providing services? Answer using 30-60 words. 1.2. Why is it important to specify adequate response times for providing services? Answer using 30-60 words?Satisfactory response
In this section as instructed you will simply have to research and come up what is service response time. Provide additional information on the top if you can. 1.2 Like I have explained, you will have to simply explain why it is important. If you want, you can give examples of such scenarios that explains the importance of it.
Q2:Answer the following questions regarding analysing the role of stakeholders in the organisation, and their level of dependence on ICT infrastructure 2.1. How do you evaluate the role of stakeholders in deciding the degree of dependence they have on ICT infrastructure? Answer using 100-200 words. 2.2. Explain the typology of influence strategies using 50-100 words.Satisfactory response
2.1 There are many different ways you can answer this question. One of the ways you can address the question is – You can discuss different level of dependencies of different stakeholders within the organization. For example : You can talk about the Executive level. You can discuss who they are dependable to and for what purpose. You can talk about other stakeholders such as manager level stakeholders, investor level stake holders etc etc. 2.2 In order to provide information for this section, you can take the following approach: You can talk about different aspects of stakeholders, ex: stakeholders who are directly dependent on the organization and stakeholders who are not directly dependent or impacted by the organization.
Q3:Answer the following questions regarding explain the capabilities of a range of ICT devices 3.1. Explain the capabilities of each of the following ICT devices using 30-60 words:  Digital cameras Microphones Printer 3.2. What are the four (4) ICT devices for teaching and learning?Satisfactory response
3.1 You will have to explain each of the devices in details. 3.2 Mention 4 ICT devices. If you want you can list more than 4 and explain each of them briefly.
Q4:Answer the following questions regarding research and evaluate current industry-accepted hardware and software products 4.1. Identify three (3) current hardware and software products related to the ICT network.Satisfactory response
4.1 In this section you will have to come up with 3 ICT hardware and explain each of the items in terms of their functionality. Also do the same for 3 software that are related to ICT and explain their functionality and usage. Example: Hardware: 1. Router: a. Cisco 500 series secure router: 2. Switch: a. Pick any cisco switch and explain briefly. 3. Firewall: a. Pick any firewall device of cisco or any other brands and explain briefly. Do the same thing with the software
Q5:Answer the following questions regarding identifying and describe equipment that is vital in supplying business-critical services, including: internet file transaction security for client accounts webserver for e-business 5.1. What are the benefits of internet file transaction security for client accounts that is vital in supplying business-critical services? Answer using 30-60 words.  5.2. What is a web server in e-business? Explain using 30-60 words.Satisfactory response
5.1 In this section you will have to discuss, what is file transfer security. Then you discuss why it is important from a business-critical service perspective. 5.2 Simply explain what is a web server. You can use any correct approach to explain.
Q6:Answer the following questions regarding describing in detail the areas related to the organisation’s services and the ICT system functionality required to supply the essential and desirable services to the organisation 6.1. Identify and discuss the functions of different levels (essential and desirable) of IT support using one to two sentences. 6.2. What does an IT support specialist do?Satisfactory response
6.1 I have explained this question using a link. You have to simply describe of roles of different IT support level or tiers starting from Tier 0 to Tier 4 6.2 Do your research and come up with your answer. Its very simple.
Q7:Answer the following questions regarding describe the quality assurance practices relating to the supplied service and service level agreements (SLAs) 7.1. What is service level agreement in quality assurance practices? Answer using 30-60 words. 7.2. What four (4) characteristics relating to quality assurance practices relating to the supplied service and service level agreements (SLAs).Satisfactory response
7.1 You simply explain what is SLA and how it works. Then you can relate the usage of SLA to the quality of the service. 7.2 If you look for SLA characteristics, you should be able to get the information.
Q8:Answer the following questions regarding analyse the role of ICT in the client’s business domain 8.1. What does the client business domain mean? Explain the role of ICT in the client’s business domain in your answer using your own 50-100 words. 8.2. Explain why both technological and regulatory changes are leading to new forms of business domains? Answer in 100-150 words.Satisfactory response
8.1 Simply explain what is business domain (not It is more about a business’s structure and the structure based on which the company operates its business. 8.2 IN order to answer this section, you will have to do some research on what is technological changes and what is regulatory changes. Then you can combine these two establish a connect that is the outcome of the business model or domain.
Q9:Answer the following questions regarding identifying and describing server types to provide: application backup email firewall proxy Web. 9.1. Discuss each of the given server types using 30-60 words.  application backup email firewall Proxy server WebserverSatisfactory response
You explain each of these above items in your way. But it should be at least 30 – 60 words each.


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