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Ecology Homework

BIO 3330 Fall 2021

Lab #1 (10 Points)

Pre-lab Questions

Directions: Answer the following questions in paragraph form (4-5 sentences)

1) Define Ecology in your own words. Why is it needed?

2) Describe some ways of how Ecology is relevant to your life.

Directions: Answer the following questions using your syllabus posted on Moodle.

3) According to the class syllabus, how many points will you lose for each day that an assignment is late?

4) Under what heading of the online OU catalog can you find information regarding the OU’s policies on cheating and plagiarism?

5) On what lab will you be writing a formal lab report?

6) What lab will involve a group presentation?

Our next meeting, we will be doing a field-based lab on pill bugs! Watch this video about pill bugs ( ) and answer the following questions.

7) What are some common names of pill bugs?

8) Pill bugs are not insects, but rather what other type of invertebrate?

9) What structure do pill bugs use to breathe and how does it differ from insects?

10) What areas in a forest would pill bugs normally be found?

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