Essay on World War l

Write an Essay on World War l

The question or topic of the essay – it is a quote.

World War I was (1) feared before it started (2) popular while it lasted (3) hated after it was over.”
In writing your essay, give facts and information that indicate the truth of EACH part Of the above statement.


1. Discuss how the US reacted to the outbreak of war. What events and attitudes eventually led the US to enter? This information must be digested and then used to explain why Americans feared being drawn in.

2. Describe propaganda techniques and their impact upon American attitudes. Aiso include a brief discussion of how the people and government operated during the war time and how that might explain why the war could be called “popular:”.

3. What were Wilson’s hopes for the peace treaty and the post war world?

What were Britain’s and France’s?

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What did the treaty finally contain? Why did Wilson concede so much? How did the Senate and then the American people react to the treaty? {Understand it was primarily the obligation contained in Article X – The League agreement – that obligated the US to go to the help of other nations attacked in the future – that was the most objectionable feature.)

4. Also understand and include – that in the months and years after WW I was over, Americans increasingly felt that they had “won the war” for the Allies only to have their high ideals and expectations trampled by their “friends”. What kind of attitude was this likely to engender in Americans? Why? Can this legitimately be described as “hate”

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World War l Essay Writing Instructions

A. Answer the given question in a carefully researched, well written, and intelligently articulated essay

8. Length is 1 to 2 pages, double spaced on the computer. If hand-written = comparable length.

C. Each of the three parts should be a separate paragraph. State your thesis and then support it with plenty of facts. There should be a short introductory paragraph and a short concluding one.

D. USE INFORMATION FROM YOUR TEXT BOOK AND LECTURE NOTES ONLY. Everything you need is well discussed in your textbook. lam well acquainted with this book. I will know if you go to the internet or some other source.

E. DO NOT COPY FROM THE BOOK. That is plagiarism and is both illegal and immoral.

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