Inventory Systems

Powerpoint 10-15 slides (not including reference slides). APA format with in text citations (at least 4 references). Highlight/overview of information on slides ONLY. Majority of content needs to be listed in speaker notes section. Provide graphics on most slides.

You have just been hired by ABC Company to come in and revamp its inventory and supply chain management procedures. The president knows that the company is losing significant money in this area but is not sure why. It is your job to assess the situation and provide recommendations for change that will positively impact the bottom line.

Using the information above, complete the following:

  • Analyze the potential issues the company faces with its current inventory system.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation that you would be prepared to present to the board. Include the following:
    • Highlight your concerns about the current inventory system.
    • Make recommendations for moving forward.


Last Updated on February 18, 2019

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