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Interventions for Addiction Disorders

M1 Discussion A: Screening Tools

Refer back to a page from the Content Guides, Part I, titled “Screening Tools for Substance Use Disorders.”

Review the document, then select at least three (3) of the screening tools listed and address all the questions below.

Identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages/limitations of each tool you select.
Which tool(s) do you believe is most effective? Explain your reasoning.
Explain how each tool could be used to effectively identify people who “might have” or “show evidence” of an addiction or substance use disorder.
How might the results of a screening tool be misused with a patient or his or her family?
How would your screening of a patient differ from conducting a clinical assessment?
Evaluation Criteria
Your primary or main post is expected by midweek of the discussion and must address all the question(s), be adequately detailed, and cite outside

sources. To get at least minimal credit for this discussion, you must also reply to the main posts of at least two (2) other students with thoughtful

and relevant comments and/or questions. Additional relevant replies are strongly encouraged to improve your learning and discussion grade.

Be sure to enter the discussion regularly throughout the entire discussion. Do not wait until the last few days of the module to become active.

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