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Adolescence and Addictions

M1 Discussion 1: Inside the Teenage Brain

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To address this question, along with the readings, you will need to view Frontlines’s video episode, “Inside the Teenage Brain” under Module 1 Content

Guides area.

In your Main Post:

Consider and identify the key elements and challenges of normal adolescent development. (You may use developmental stage theorists to identify the

tasks during adolescent development.) What are the normal adolescent developmental issues that young people need to effectively navigate to become

successful adults? Each main post needs to be at least 150 words or more.

Note – It is helpful to refer to specific points raised in the video during your discussion. Post a main response, and remember to respond to at least

two other people’s postings. All posts should be thoughtful and relevant. Be sure to refer to your assigned readings as well as the videos in both your

main post and your responses to others.


Some Best Practices for effective online discussion:

Do not simply state “I agree” or share a personal story about yourself or others.
Make your reply relevant and connect to the specific course readings or peer-reviewed research studies you have read
Focus on specific details from your reading, a case study, an additional article you read, etc. that can enrich your discussion post and generate new

A well-written discussion post should provide fellow students with the opportunity to reflect deeply, to reflect on their experience, to research and

analyze your ideas, and expand upon your initial ideas or questions.

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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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