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International Logistics Article Review

International Logistics Article Review

Please write a 3 full pages International Logistics Article Review in APA formate as per below instructions:

  • Students will write a 3-page review of a current (within the last 6 months) academic article published in a peer-reviewed journal, professional organization publication, or leading news source.


  • The paper summarizes the article read and provides a critique and commentary on the paper’s conclusions and its applicability to real logistics situations.


  • Article should be relevant and applicable to some content of the course. – Individual (not team) assignment.


  • Below is the outline of the course to have an idea about what the course contains:
Chapter 1 – International Trade
Chapter 2 – International Supply Chain Mgmt
Chapter 3 – International Infrastructure

Chapter 4 – International Methods of Entry

Chapter 5 – International Contracts
Chapter 6 – Terms of Trade/Incoterms
Chapter 7 – Terms of Payment
Chapter 8 – Managing TransactionRisks
Chapter 9 – Intl. Commercial Documents
Chapter 10 – International Insurance
Chapter 11 – Intl. Ocean Transportation
Chapter 12 – Intl. Air Transportation
Chapter 13 – International Land and Multimodal Transportation
Chapter 14 – Packaging for Export
Chapter 15 – International Logistics Security

Chapter 16 – Customs Clearance

Chapter 17 – Developing a Competitive Advantage


Also you will find the Rubric for this article review, to have an idea how this paper will graded.


Logistics Article Review 80 points

On time10 points
Style and professionalism in writing15 points

Logistics Content15 points
Critique and Analysis15 points
Conclusions and Exec Summary15 points
Interest10 points
Total Points: 80

Due date: 3 days from now

International Logistics Article Review

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