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Case analysis for Aldi

1. Formulation of Strategic Alternatives (suggested 1 page)

This section should identify and evaluate the relevant strategic alternatives available to the firm.

The possible corporate and/or business level strategies should be briefly described. Do not discuss functional level alternatives in this section. Each alternative should be evaluated in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.

Your evaluation should include a brief assessment of the possible risks, costs, benefits, and ease of implementation of each alternative.

2. Strategic Recommendations (suggested 1 page)

Select your recommended alternative and briefly discuss why you believe it is preferred. It is  important to discuss your recommendations by moving from the corporate level, to the business level, and then to the functional level strategies.

Describe the specific action steps that should be taken to implement the strategies. Your recommendations should include a description of what should be done, how and when it should be done, and by whom.

Provisions should be made for immediate concerns as well as for the longer-term issues. In making recommendations, you should try to anticipate possible pitfalls and suggest what might be done to avoid them.

Please make PowerPoint with 2-3 slides summaries the main points

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