Informatics in Healthcare

Credibility: Access to Medical Information. February 2017cjk
Assignment: Access to Credible Medical Information
Course Performance Standards:
 Evaluate the quality of the health information electronically retrieved, based on criteria
developed in the field of health care informatics.
 Select and use relevant literature to enhance learning and support written work.
 Demonstrate increasing ability to write in a scholarly manner.
 Demonstrate increasing ability to speak (present in online format) in a professional manner.
 Explore Health on the Net
 Explore Khresmoi
 Explore Easy Bib
Instructions: Review provided resources, perform a scholarly literature review, and develop a short
scholarly two-page paper.
Title page &
[5 points] Using APA guidelines
Abstract: 50 word limit [run a word count] Content
[80 points] Prompts:
 Introduction
 What does access to information mean?
 How is credibility determined?
 How is healthcare information shared?
 What did you learn from this assignment?
 How can you use this information in your clinical or administrative practice?
 Concluding comments
[10 points] Body of the paper 2-page limit double spaced.
Paper was clear, concise, creative, and scholarly, statements clearly stated and
supported with evidence (citations), provided specific and clear examples.
APA guidelines and scholarly writing principles demonstrated.
Reference List
[5 points] At least 5 scholarly sources.
Credit provided to all sources using APA guidelines

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