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Impact of Culture on Receiving Health Care

M3 Discussion – Impact of Culture on Receiving Health Care

For this discussion board, there are two parts for you to answer in your initial reply:

Part A:

Please review the 6 factors that relate to individuals seeking health care in Chapter 3. In thinking about each of the 6 factors further, what might restrict people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds from receiving adequate health care in the US? Please give an example of each of the six factors that relate to health care seeking. In your example, discuss a different culture or ethnic background to demonstrate potential barriers to adherence.

Part B:

In preparing for this part, please be sure to select 3 videos which focus on the US healthcare system. You can find the videos by going to the learning activities section of this module. In reflecting on the 3 videos you selected, what could the US healthcare system practitioners or hospitals change about their current practices that may help increase minority ethnic groups seeking of health care? Please share at least 3 ways and use examples and be sure to mention which videos you selected in your answer.


This is a Q and A Moodle forum: all you will see, initially, is your instructor’s initial post, which is required in order to enable the forum for you. You will not be able to see your classmate’s contributions until you make your initial post answering the questions posed. This initial post must be submitted as a reply to your instructor’s post.

Please review the Discussion Board Rubric that will be used to assess your work.
Learning Activities
Week 3 Required Reading/Viewing
Brannon & Updegraff: Chapter 3
Carey, B. (2005, Aug 16). In the Hospital, a Degrading Shift From Person to Patient. New York Times, p. A,1.
In preparation for this module’s discussion, go to the ESC Library’s multimedia guide to view 3 video clips from the available subscription video databases (ESC login required):

Films on Demand

Academic Video Online
You should choose 3 different films or clips by searching either of the following topics: Culturally Competent Health Care or Cultural Diversity in Health Care.
Week 4 Required Reading/Viewing
Brannon & Updegraff: Chapter 4
Granger, B. B., Ekman, I., Granger, C. B., Ostergren, J., Olofsson, B., Michelson, E., & … Swedberg, K. (2009). Adherence to medication according to sex and age. European Journal Of Heart Failure, 11(11), 1092-1098. doi:10.1093/eurjhf/hfp142
Video: KSPS Documentaries. (2013). Our Supersized Kids 30:00)
Week 3: Impact of Culture on Receiving Health Care

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