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Purpose of this Assignment

The purpose of the interviews (HR and Manager) is to enable you to learn about and analyze the experiences and perspectives of at least two exempt‐level professionals about human resources management issues that they face in the workplace today, or that they anticipate in the future. In your Manager Interview assignment, you will be asked to reflect on how the roles of the two positions influence each other.


Conduct an interview with a public HR executive or manager (senior level, if possible). Interviewees may be professionals working in your organization or can be from an organization of interest to you.

The paper should be no more than three pages in length excluding cover pages and references and should include as least three peer-reviewed citations excluding the textbook. Adhere to APA format.

Ask the following questions and report his/her answers.  Reflect on the HR challenges that came up in the interview and how these relate to the HR trends or laws we have learned about in class. Provide a concluding paragraph describing 2 or 3 things you learned about the HR profession in general or its role in the organization as a result of this interview.

Discuss confidentiality with the interviewees (respondents). Ask if they want you to use pseudonyms or if use of first names is okay. Do NOT use full names in the work handed in. Take notes during the interview. If you wish to use a tape recorder, first obtain permission from the subjects. Be sure to ask what else the subject would like to discuss and what questions he or she has, if any. Remember that these are open, information‐gathering interviews.

Consider using an HR professional from the same organization that you will use for your Unit 14 Manager Interview assignment. You will be asked to make connections between the two interviews in that assignment.

Interview questions:

  1. What is his/her position title and job?
  2. Ask how and why he/she got into the field.
  3. How would he/she describe the purpose of the profession and mission of HR?
  4. Ask for one example about how the work of their HR department has strategically supported the mission of their organization.
  5. Ask them to explain how success was measured. How did HR know the effort was successful? What was improved, changed, and/or implemented, by how much and for how long? Did the organizational leaders know about the HR strategic contribution?
  6. What aspects of his/her work in HR provides genuine gratification?
  7. What are the top 2-3 HR challenges, liabilities and/or concerns facing him/her now?
  8. What can line managers do to reduce those concerns and/or liabilities?
  9. What is his/her advice to line managers to enhance employee engagement and productivity?

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