lesson 7

Read Chapter 10: “Managing Teams.”
Managers have various roles and responsibilities within an organization. The key purpose of this project is to demonstrate your understanding of the managerial role.

You will apply what you have learned so far in this course by interviewing or researching a manager in an organization. The manager can be someone you have worked with or a well-known manager you would like to learn more about. Your assignment is to evaluate the manager in terms of management style and abilities. Be sure to review the questions before your interview or when you begin your research.

After interviewing or researching a manager, compose an essay addressing the items listed below. Your grade will depend on your ability to incorporate core ideas from the textbook and your ability to include each component in a detailed and structured manner.
Your essay must include an introduction, body, and conclusion, and address all relevant parts of each question. Make sure to cite any references you use. Proper citation format for a reference includes the name of the author(s), the title of the work, the date of the publication.

Project Essay

Include the following information in your essay.

A description of the manager (title, etc.) and organization (include why you selected this person)
A description of the manager’s role and daily responsibilities
A description of the manager’s strengths (planning, decision making, innovation, team building, etc.)
A description of the manager’s weaknesses (lack of planning, ineffective decision making, lack of discipline, etc.)
A description of the manager’s key challenges (falling sales, reduced productivity or market share, decreased customer and employee satisfaction, etc.)
Recommendations to improve the above weaknesses and challenges
Note: Your essay must include a minimum of two sources, one of which may be the textbook.

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