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How music therapy affects Alzheimer’s patients

Research Essay Assignment

Length:1000 to 1100words


For this essay, you will be writing a detailed argument based on research.  Your topic is the same topic on which you wrote your annotated bibliography.


You must write an essay that makes an argument on the issues raised by your topic.  The quality of your argument will be the basis for your grade, as well as the clarity through which you are able to argue your case.  Good writing matters here.  Remember, this is an argumentative paper and you need to have a clear, direct thesis.


Research Sources:Your essay must use three (3) credible print sources and one (1) credible internet/web source. You will have to use research and evidence to support your position, and so must ensure you follow correct documentation practices and avoid plagiarism.  MLA format is required for this assignment.


You may use and integrate into your essay the sources you used for your Annotated Bibliography.  Should you want to change them, you may do so, but make certain that the sources you are using are effective and verifiable for this assignment, and that they meet the source criteria outlined in the previous paragraph.  Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable source for this assignment.

Minimal and Maximum Allowance/Expectations for Quoted Material:

  • Minimum for essay: you must include at least TWO quotes in the entire essay.


  • Maximum per page: you cannot use more than two short quotes (1 to 3 lines) or one long quote (4 to six lines) per page.



  • All other information from your secondary sources will be paraphrasedbut, because it is obtained from research, it still must be referenced with MLA.



Your essay will be marked and graded using the following criteria:



Content:clear, complete and comprehensive; strong sources and clear focus


Structure: thesis statement, paragraph structure using topic sentences, transitions and concluding sentences; strong introduction and conclusion


Diction:professional tone, no slang or contractions, no use of 1st person


Grammar, mechanics, spelling and other writing matterscorrect


Format:double-spaced, paragraphs indented, format according to MLA guidelines


Documentation: in-text citations and Works Cited entries according to MLA guidelines







Grades:Excellent – Outstanding: 80 – 100% Good-Very Good: 70 – 79% Satisfactory: 60 – 69% Fair but minimal pass: 50 – 59% Fail: below 50%


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