Reflect and Apply Video Discussion

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Challenge the Process

Reflect and Apply Video Discussion


AS a result of completing the worksheet questions you will be better able to:

  • Identify opportunities in your project that would benefit from innovative approaches
  • Engage in generating and selecting innovative solutions through discussion
  • Identify steps you can take to implement changes and create a sense of forward momentum

NOTE: There are 4 parts to this activity. Be sure to include answers to all 3 parts for your discussion board assignment.



Directions: Answer the following REFLECTION questions.

  1. What have you changed lately?
  2. What “daring failure” have you experienced in your life? How did you handle it? What did you learn? Be specific.
  3. What do you find fun and rewarding about taking risk and trying new things?
  4. What do you find difficult about taking risks and trying new things?



Application 1– Check for Limiting Assumptions

In every sector, industry, organization, project, and group it seems that even before you start a project there are things that limit what you can do.  You know, the “We can’t do that because…” responses you often hear when you propose doing something new or real and rational, and some are imagined and emotional.


What are the, “We can’t do that because…” statements that you’ve made, you’ve heard, or you expect to hear that may constrain your project? For example:

  • We don’t have enough time.
  • We have inadequate staffing.
  • We have an inadequate budget for student workers.
  • There are other management priorities.
  • There are too many conflicting commitments

Directions: Answer the following Application question:

  1. List the “We can’t do it because…” statements that may constrain your project (list 3 to 5):


Application 2 – Look Outside

The best leaders and the best organization d do not assume that they have all the ideas they need. They know that the source of creative and innovative ideas on how to do things differently is more likely to be outside their boundaries. They are net importers of ideas. For example:

  • Arrange a field trip that would stipulate your thinking.
  • Read magazines from fields you know nothing about.
  • Go shopping at a competitor’s store or website
  • Call three customers or clients and ask them what they would like to see your group do that you are not now doing.
  • Go shopping at a competitor’s store or website.
  • Bring a client or customer into a planning meeting and ask them to share their ideas.

Directions: Answer the following APPLICATION questions.

  1. How can you search outside of your project and your organization to discover unexpected ideas? Now make your own list of 3 to 5 things:


Application 3 – Innovate and Create

Refer back to your list of limiting assumptions. To Challenge the Process, identify a way to turn each limitation that you checked above into an opportunity to grow.  DIRECTION: Take a few minutes and record how all the innovative things you want to do contribute to the realization of the vision in your project.

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