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How can we engage people in project management?

How can we engage people in project management?

The Individual Assignment and the Group Assignment should be structured using the following headings:

1.Introduction: the motivation for solving the problem or dealing with the issues that you are investigating. This section is intended to demonstrate your appreciation of the nature and significance of the problem/gap/ challenge found in the project management domain. In this introduction you should:

a) establish the general field of the problem you are tackling, b) identify the particular focus of the problem within the field,

2.Review of literature and related work: identify and describe briefly the results of any published work related to your proposal. A key element of a good proposal is that you understand what has already been done so that you can be working to extend that body of work.

3.Proposed methodology: describe in general terms your methodology for solving the problem. State exactly what you intend doing, what methods you will use to do it, what data you expect to collect (for example: quantitative, qualitative, case studies, articles) or what sort of prototype system you expect to build ( for example, by using diagrams and paper or via software )

4.Proposed Model (Conceptual development, conceptual framework)

Please, refer to the article "A Conceptual Model of Service Quality and Its Implications for Future Research by A. Parasuraman, Valarie A. Zeithaml and Leonard L. Berry, figure 2".

5. Discussion/Synthesis

Cross your Proposed model with the review of the literature.

Explore Opportunities, Weaknesses, Advantages, Disadvantages, Constraints, Limitations.

Show how your proposed conceptual model may help to address the gaps.

6. Conclusion: a brief summary of the problem, objectives, methodology and expected outcomes.

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