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Health Essay Questions

Critically appraise and synthesise theories of organisational culture and the role it plays in determining quality of care.
Critically assess a contemporary food issue of your choice.
Critically discuss explanations for health inequalities and critically analyse strategies/policies developed to improve health and reduce health inequalities
Describe the main achievements of three public health reformers in Victorian England and identify how the main public health issue in the late 1800s and early 1900s were addressed.
Design a research study relating to components of the diet and cancer, as if it was being submitted for funding to a potential donor. We are trying to sell our idea, so we need to explain why it is important and what the benefits of our research may be. The budget is unlimited.
Discuss the mechanisms that, in your opinion and in the context of your own practice, have to be in place to deliver the above philosophy on clinical effectiveness.
Evaluating the ideas & concepts & showing the relevance of the information presented.
Examine critically the concept of public health. Making reference to demographic and epidemiological trends within the United Kingdom assess priorities in public health intervention for the next decade. (3000 word limit)
Identify a range of issues that the NHS faced upon its inception and critically evaluate how these issues are addressed in a contemporary health care provision.
Sets the scene. Briefly describe obesity as a public health issue. Explain your relationship to or interest in this topic.
Susan is a first year first placement student nurse. Critically analyse the role of the mentor when integrating her into the practice learning environment.
The critical case-study of a chosen policy or programme.
What is the emotional imact on the person with a needle stick phobia? Theory about anxiety and phobia.
Why is it important to develop and implement a safe patient handling policy for rehabilitation centres?
You will discuss the health issue of Malaria.
A critical evaluation of an aspect of expertise in Physiotherapy.
As an introduction (not in 1500 words) please said how I found this CASP and how I used this tool. In couple sentences
Critically discuss explanations for health inequalities and critically analyse strategies/policies developed to improve health and reduce health inequalities.
Explain systems to manage financial resource
Outline valid methods for assessment and explain why you have chosen each method?
Service User (SU) Context: Briefly summarise (from the case study information provided) the main health or social issues of the SU you met; consider what effects these issues have on the person and their family and friends. Ensure your initial assessment is holistic and acknowledges any other relevant factors e.g. physical, intellectual, psychological, social, etc ” mention research on the impact both on the child and her carers.
This order is basically a critique to a research paper: “Investigation into different skin conditions in certain occupations”.
This theory assessment will consist of a reflective study of a patient undergoing orthopaedic surgery of a dynamic hip screw or similar operation who requires a general anaesthetic. The process of anaesthesia and its potential physiological effects on the patient and on the chosen surgical procedure should be discussed
With reference to hypertension, discuss the epidemiology and pathogenesis of primary hypertension?.
Write an outline proposal of 1200 words for funding for a project to develop a programme of individually supported volunteering opportunties for a diverse range of people who are restricted from accessing mainstream volunteering opportunities due to mental health issues, learning disabilities and physcal disabilities.
A critical evaluation of a research report selected from a literature search which demonstrates understanding of the aims, methods, analysis strategies and potential application.
A Leadership style: Transformational leadership.
A modern innovation is the use of microwave energy to achieve this polymerisation.
Asbestos continuous Impact: Is asbestos within the older schools safe?
Choose one infectious disease and analyse how it has affected the population globally and what public health problems it has caused. Also, discuss what measures the WHO has used to manage it?
Critically analyse a selected public policy (health policy and/or social policy) to address inequalities in health.
Critically discuss the diet in the UK student secondary school population.
Critically discuss the role of nutrition in bone health.
Critically evaluate the implications for an acupuncture practitioner working in Private practice in the UK. Systematically appraise the attributes, knowledge and skills required of an acupuncture practitioner in context of Private practice.
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key characteristics of a balanced diet and their function in the body.
Demonstrate knowledge of chosen topic of reproductive sexual health.
Provide a discussion of; causes,laboratory diagnosis,and treatment of atypical pneumonia.
Select 2 drugs from the pharmaceutical care plan and critically analyse the literature with regards to these two selected drugs and critically evaluate their use in relation to the case study.
The pros and cons of breast screening in the 21st century.
The Role of Macronutrients in the Incidence and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease.
The Structure of Essential Fatty Acids and their Impact on Health.
To apply best practice health promotion principles in critically appraising a health promotion intervention in practice.
To provide a report on either: running, swimming or cycling.
What are the benefits of giving supplements of vitamin D to the elderly?
With reference to an occupational disease, illness or condition of your choice, critically evaluate the current strategies within the UK for its identification, control and prevention.
Aims of module:To futher develop your ability to critically appraise literature and practice.
Analyse the impact of significant life events and transitions on individuals and their social networks.
Construct an ”Ethical Matrix” on The ethics of using expensive cancer treatment.
Critically analyse the role of the Advanced Scrub Practitioner in perioperative care and justify its contribution to the quality of care provided by theatre staff and how this relates to their own practice/experience.
Describe how Policy facilitates you incorporating evidence into your every day practice. Give some thought as to what potential barriers may or you have encountered?
Describe who needs care in our society and the health care professional, care practitioners and organisations which provide the services.
Discuss the similarities and differences in the health care systems between India and UK.
Evaluate factors contributing to low life expectancy in the developed world.
Mention locus of control in the essay (Rotter 1966), as well as something about self efficacy (Bandura 2005, mention 4 key areas to influence someones perception of the situation).
Specify the things needed for a nurse-led primary health care practice relating to childhood obesity.
The client would like the researcher to use Gibbs reflection and describe an opportunistic intervention regarding smoking cessation whilst shadowing the practice nurse?
The impact of family breakdown on Children’s emotional development.
Use of Animals for Research Purposes: Critical Review.
Write an account of a situation in which you used counselling skills and attitudes to facilitate helping someone in a face to face one on one situation.You may choose an example from your experience in a work or voluntary setting where the use of such skills and attitudes was appropriate.
The beneficial versus adverse roles of cyclo-oxygenase 1 and cyclo-oxygenase 2 in cardiovascular homeostasis and heart disease: lessons learnt from anti- inflammatory drugs.”

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