Health concerns

Research Paper Instructions

Discuss with your family all the health concerns you have in your family, then chose the one health concern that you feel you need to know more about. This issue is the subject or topic of your research paper.  Research the disease/health concern you discovered.

If you are adopted or cannot reach your family for this assignment, then pick a health issue that interest you, for example, heart disease, obesity, diabetes etc.

7-10page paper. This includes – cover page and reference page/s (see below).

(Paper should be double space, 12 font, following APA style)

  • (Cover page – Title of paper, date, class + section you’re in, date, your name and instructors name)
  • (Reference site page – you must give credit to any site or journal you may use to create this paper, if you quote the site or journals you must put give credit in the paper.

Format/Sections required for Research paper


Please remember you should use APA format.  If you have any questions, you can reference, use on campus resources, and/or purchase books on this style.



Title Page (1 page)

Abstract (1 page – 250 to 500 words)

Introduction (1 page)

Cause (1 page)

Symptoms (1 page)

Steps to Change (1 page)

Medication/Treatment (1 page)

Conclusion (1 page)

Reference Page (1 or more)


Example wording for abstract:

“The following paper is about heart disease and how it affects those diagnosed and the history of it in my family. I have summarized articles along with displaying some of my own thoughts. Heart disease can be an affect of different diseases going on in the body or it can be the ringleader of problems to come. This paper explains the how it forms, how to prevent it, and what measures are taken once one has it.”

Turn in the Research Paper on Blackboard under the Assignment Link “Research Paper”



Research Paper Grading Rubric



CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints EarnedInstructor’s comments
Correct format (APA) and included required sections. Followed instructions.25  
Provided substantive, thoughtful, and/or critical content, fully addressing all required elements of the paper.50  
Included a Reference Page25  



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