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Judaism, Islam, and Carol Christ

Please answer the two questions in one file, typed, double spaced and citing any and
all references to the articles discussed in class in at most
2-3 pages per question.
For ANY question not providing proper page numbers for the citations, the
highest grade the person can get is a B for that question.
The paper is due, without exception Saturday August 11
th at 11:59 pm via Moodle
1.‐ How do the views of sexuality in Judaism and Islam differ? How are they similar? Does the
fact that they each view God as male affect the way that sexuality is accepted or not? How is
homosexuality seen in each religion? Why?
2.‐ According to Carol Christ, what are the three implications of a Goddess centered symbol for
women today? Please explain the difference between this view of a Goddess centric religion
versus a view of A) a male centric religion, and b) a religion that has both male and female
deities. Why is it that in the Hindu religion, even though there are hundreds of Goddesses,
women are still subjugated?

Judaism, Islam, and Carol Christ

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