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Health Care Delivery Essay



Health Care Delivery

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The various steps of research are important in gathering relevant information about the worker. This information is important as it will be used in ascertaining the magnitude of the situation at hand. However, as data is collected from the employees at the organization, confidentiality is essential. Vaught and Grace (2000) emphasized employee confidentiality in occupational healthcare. This is why medical records should be stored in line with data protection legislation. The leader plays an important role in ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the employee’s records. This is because the leader should be able to protect all the employees at the organization without discrimination.

Healthcare workers’ privacy and confidentiality in ensuring all workers are safe in the worksite

Privacy and confidentiality play an important role in health care. This is because privacy articulates who has the right to access personal information while confidentiality prevents medical professionals from disclosing the information that is shared by a patient. In a work setting, agencies are no allowed to share the personal information of an employee as it contravenes the privacy and confidentiality clause. Confidentiality is considered an ethical principle in health services. This is why it important not to disclose the private health information of the employee. Heikkinen et al., (2006) advised it is difficult to protect confidentiality in a workplace due to the ethical challenges raised. These ethical challenges include the obligation of the entire workforce coinciding with the obligation of protecting one employee. However, there are various arguments for the disclosure of a patient’s information which are in line with the ethical challenges mentioned. In Sara’s scenario, the information was divulged due to the nature of the condition which is highly contagious. It can be considered that the information was divulged to ensure the safety of all the workers on the site.

The role of the manager versus a leader in this scenario and how this situation should be handled

The manager and the leader play different roles when handling the crisis in the organization. Whereas the leader is supposed to be in control of the situation by taking responsibility and advising others, managers are known to play politics and assign blame. According to Fener and Cevik (2015), the current leader will make a scenario analysis and work with the team to gather different viewpoints before concluding. This when applied to the Sara scenario the leader would have analyzed the situation instead of alienating Sara and ensure enough information was gathered about the disease. This would have been done to protect both Sara and the other workmates. This would have been done considering TB is highly contagious and infectious. The manager who was Sara’s boss alienated her instead of handling the situation as a leader.


The Sara scenario brings the complexity of privacy and confidentiality of personal information. According to Vaught and Grace (2000) utilitarianism bases the action on whether it maximizes the overall good. It can therefore be considered good if the confidentiality of a patient was breached to protect many in the organization. This can be applied to the Sara scenario where a highly contagious disease requires informing the management to protect the others within the organization. Unfortunately, it ended up with Sara being isolated.


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