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Hardware Basics and PC Repair tools

For this project, you are to create a 1200+ word report. The first part of the report is to write about what you learned in Chapter 1 regarding the tools you should have in a good computer repair toolkit. You should include an introductory paragraph about why you would want an A+ repair toolkit, and what tools should be in this toolkit. You will also include a conclusion paragraph explaining how important it is to have a good toolkit for A+ certified technicians. Additionally, you will provide two “snips” using the Windows Snipping Tool in your report showing the price for each of the two toolkits you select. Lastly, include the web addresses as references in the report. This part of your assignment should be about 400 – 500 words long.

The second part of the Module 1 project is written in the same report. This part is about Chapter 2. Specifically, you will write about what you learned from the chapter about taking a computer apart and putting it back together again. You are also to find a 3+ minute YouTube video on taking a computer apart and putting it back together again. With what you learned in Chapter 2, and what you learned from the video, you are to write the last 700 – 800 words of your Module 1 project. Again, write an introductory paragraph on this part of the assignment (on a new page in the same report, but before the references page). Then, write about how you would take a computer apart and put it back together again. Include the safety precautions you need to take, the organizational steps you need to follow for both taking the computer apart, and also for putting it back together. Then, include a two or so paragraph section on what you learned from this part of the assignment. Include the YouTube video web address in your references page, and you should also cite two or three sources of information, with at least one of those sources coming from the textbook, and all information sources need to be listed in the references page.

The total word count of the Module 1 project should be 1200+ words. There should be at least 4 source references – one from each of the two websites you found pricing information on the toolkits from, one from the YouTube video you found, and one from the textbook. You can include more if you want. Grammar and organization content both count in all assignments in this class.

Last Updated on February 6, 2018

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