Database Assignment

Database Assignment

this is the first database assignment and you should write a report about evaluation of 2 tools (CA ERWin data modeller and Oracle Data Modeller) please make sure that you evaluate the free editions for both tools. You need to apply and draw the 2 examples of ER diagrams in both tools (I will give you my examples of ER diagrams) then you have to evaluate the features in both tools and then you write your opinion about the features that are used in each tool and write which is better. Moreover, you have to include print screen for the two examples of ER diagrams in each tool.

So you will have 4 print screens. The relationship should be the same as the relationship on my examples. In tools, when you applying ER diagrams you have to select physical mode. Look at my lectures, you could benefit from it.

The pictures I gave you are just to see the final look of applying the example in Erwin and oracle, do not put these pictures in the report. You have to put your print screen of your work.


1-use 4 resources maximum, Harvard style .these references must be available for me.

Wikipedia is not considered as reference.

Please make sure that nothing in the report is copied because everything is machine checked for plagiarism. Please write with your own words.

2-the report should be between 10-15 pages.

3- Please always refer to the assignment question the above is only an extra explanation. Please focus on the points with high score.

4-You have to include the points below:


Your tool evaluation process should include the following:

_ Overview of CA ERWin and Oracle Data Modeller

_ Details of your evaluation criteria

_ Justification of your evaluation criteria

_ Results from applying your evaluation criteria to each tool

_ Provide examples to illustrate specific differences (not all differences)

_ Discussion of the evaluation and recommendations

• Make sure to answer all the points.

• Most of these points most be written by yourself (your evaluation, you Justification and your Discussion) not from references.

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