Group Case Study Analysis

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Group Case Study Analysis Instructions- Complete Section 4

For this assignment, you have been placed in a group by your instructor. Each group will develop a brief analysis of the Shouldice case provided in your Reading & Study folder, touching on the questions listed below. As a group and using the Group Discussion Forum to which you have been assigned, develop a 1,500–2,000-word current APA paper with your service line recommendations and alternatives. You must include at least 4 peer-reviewed scholarly references in addition to at least 1 instance of biblical integration. Answer the following questions as they relate to Service Line Development and Marketing as it applies to Shouldice Hospital:


  1. What is the product or service offered by Shouldice Hospital ) Limited?
    1. In what ways did Dr. Shouldice make his service distinct?
    2. In what ways were service improvement or innovation used to develop the “product”?
    3. In what ways do patients, staff, and medical staff respond to this service that either make it unique or add value to the service offering? In other words, what were the advantages of the Shouldice technique?
    4. How would other providers try to compete with Shouldice?
  2. Does price have any bearing on the selection of the Shouldice product? Name some cost advantages related to the case.
  3. How is the layout of the facility used to add value to the Shouldice product? Did patients notice?
  4. Was the Shouldice product promoted in any way?
  5. Considering the basic elements of this product line, what are the best alternatives for Shouldice?
    1. Should they expand into other markets or expand their facility?
    2. Should they develop expansion products into other service areas, using techniques learned in their core product?
    3. How should Shouldice promote his product?
    4. Describe how they can make the best decision?


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