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How to make a strawberry cheesecake

More and more attorneys are using PowerPoint in their practice, whether to make an opening statement at trial, an argument supporting summary judgment, or in business development presentations to potential clients. Paralegals can be an integral part of the drafting process of the PowerPoint presentation.

After completing all of the modules in the Microsoft Office Training Center, especially those for PowerPoint, create a “How To” PowerPoint of a topic of your choice. This could be “How to Play Guitar,” or “How to Cook a Turkey.” The goal here is for you to become familiar with the features of PowerPoint using a topic that you already know something about, or that interests you.

NOTE: You may have created a PowerPoint presentation for another course — you should not simply submit that assignment here. Rather, you should create a new PowerPoint presentation, making sure to incorporate all of the required elements, as noted below.

Create 8‐10 slides for this PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Slide 1 should have the Title of your “How To” presentation, your name, and the name of our El Centro PLLC law firm.
  2. Make Slide 1 automatically change to Slide 2 after a few seconds.
  3. The rest of your slides should advance by a mouse click.
  4. Slide 2 should provide an outline of your presentation.
  5. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:
  6. Presence of a design template/common theme on each slide;
  7. Use of consistency;

iii. At least one (but no more than 3) photograph(s) that you find online (see the note below about proper attribution of your source for these photos);

  1. Presence of arrows, pointers, circles, etc. to make a point regarding the photograph(s); and
  2. Use of animation in at least 5 slides.


Last Updated on July 26, 2019

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