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Girаffе аtе thе sun.

Сrеаtе а рiсturе bооk fоr stаgе 1. Тittlе оf thе bооk is Girаffе аtе thе sun.

This assessment isto design and make a high quality, durable, hands-on, customised science resource to take out to school as part of
science learning and teaching. Through this experience you will gain knowledge and understanding of what it meansto actually undertake a
Design and Make project. In addition, the assignment will enhance your knowledge and understanding about astronomy from both a scientific
and cultural perspective. Therefore, some of the content of the book must address the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander histories and cultures.

The science book must be suitable for keen, able and excited Stages 1 primary school students

and engage them in the science knowledge and understandings of astronomy (that underpinsthe book). The book should align with the NSW
Science and Technology K-G syllabus content outcomesto be implemented in all NSW primary schools.

In the NSW syllabus for stage 1.


Outcome is

A student:

ST1-8ES – describes some observable changesthat occur in the sky


Observ able changes occur in the sky.

(AC SSUo19)


use a range of methodsto describe observ able, short-term changes in the sky, eg clouds,the appearance of the

stars at night and the position of the sun during the day

observe and record environmental changes that occur over a longer time to

identify patterns of events, eg seasonal changes in temperature and the appearance of the moon

Read Eric Carle – Papa, Please Get the

Moon for Me and Someone is eating the sun by Ruth A Sonneborn to get some ideas

Some of my ideas are to do a book titled Giraffe ate the

sun. Hav e all different animals line up in ascending order from shortest animal to the tallest and finding outthat giraffe is the tallest

animal and might be eating the moon/sun (covering mathematical aspect). the there animals will observe the changes that are happening in the
sky (which must be Nonfiction) and wonder if the giraffe is eating it. Track the sun throughoutthe day and discuss and explore what happens
to it. In the book have the characters examine the changes in the sky three times which also shows students a fair test.

Track the sun

throughout the day and discuss and explore what happensto it. Relate these findingsto a range of information sources.

Explore Aboriginal

and Torres Strait Islander stories about the formation of the stars.

Connect with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups to

find out about any significant shapes in the sky that are of importance to them. The stories behind these shapes should also be


Explore the animals we see at night and during the day and begin to investigate why some animals only appear at



Remember thatthe book mustfocus on students’

knowledge and understanding of astronomy. The book must include mathematical calculations and literacy activities (including spelling of
science words/terms) suitable for Stage 1 (Year 1/2) along with the cross- curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
histories and cultures.

The book must be fiction and non-fiction a combination of both. As children will find it more interesting.

The Picture Book must be a book no larger than A3 in size, contain both a front and back cov er, followed by no more than ten pages of

Incorporate the cross-curriculum priority ofAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

-All images and

other resources used in the creation of the astronomy book.

reference in particular, Chapter 11: Our place in space from the

Skamp and

Preston (2015) textbook, many of which detail young people’s science concepts, and incorporate these research findings into your
assignment. Be aware of students’ prior knowledge and understanding of astronomy before your make the resource.

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