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Gender and Generational Supervision IS

Gender and Generational Supervision IS (Chapter 1)

Online Books for Assignment (Using Chapter 1 for reference it needed)

Us vs Them: Redefining the Multi-Generational Workplace to Inspire

Chapter 1

Author: Havens!/4/2/4@0:0

Generations, Inc. : From Boomers to Link

Chapter 1

Author: Johnson!/4/2/2/2@0:0

Women and Men in Management:  

Chapter 1

Author: Powell!/4/2@0:0


  1. Prepare a report comparing and contrasting generational and gender challenges facing today’s work environment (Sex, Gender and Work).
  2. Include examples as appropriate.
  3. Discuss the impact these challenges have had (or are currently having) on your specific industry.
  4. Describe your organization’s strategy for addressing these challenges.
  5. Explain to what extent you believe your organization’s leaders have successfully addressed these challenges, creating minimal distractions in the workplace
  6. Support your assignment with at least three current professional scholarly articles (published within the last five years).
  7. Include information from your course textbook.
  8. The report should be 3-5 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Your response should adhere to APA format standards.



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