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The Information Systems Strategy Triangle

10 Questions each worth 10 points. Each answer should be about a paragraph. If you use an external source, it must be referenced at the end of the answer. Plagiarism, the use of article spinners, collaboration of any kind, will result in a 0 for the entire exam and will be referred to the Dean’s office.

  • 1.Chapter 1:The Information Systems Strategy Triangle shows a direct relationship between organizational strategy and information strategy.Discuss the importance of maintaining balance between the points on the triangle and what might occur if there isn’t a balance between these three points on the triangle.


  • 2.Chapter 2:Discuss the primary and support activities that an organization can use that create value, according to Porter. How might these be applied to business partners?


  • 3.Chapter 3. Briefly, summarize the differences between the 4 classic organization structures.


  • 4.Chapter 3.Briefly, discuss the impact of IT issues on organizational and national values. Cite an example from your work.


  • 5.Chapter 4:The chapter discusses “creating new types of work.”Discuss some new positions that have been created, deleted, or changed as a result of the unique skills required by IT-enabled work processes.


  • 6.Chapter 5.Briefly discuss the differences between agile and dynamic processes and when each would be used.


  • 7.Chapter 5.Integrated supply chains link business processes across companies. Discuss, briefly, some of the challenges that businesses face in attempting to do so.


  • 8.Chapter 6:The Concept of BYOD is described in this chapter. Discuss whether or not this is implemented in your company, and some of the pros and cons associated with it.


  • 9.Chapter 6:Describe the four key components to Enterprise Architecture and the challenges of implementing an EA framework in a global organization.


  • 10.Chapter 7: Identify the five areas in which management should participate. Select one and expand your discussion of this area, including how management would participate.


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