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Fostering Motivation Through Culturally Responsive Practices

Application: Prospectus: Fostering Motivation Through Culturally Responsive Practices

While research has supported the influence of culture on learning and motivation, it is only recently that educational and psychological researchers have begun to discover that their research-based constructs may not apply uniformly to everyone. Effective leaders promote understanding both the common and unique learning and motivational characteristics of every learner, including those characteristics related to learners with diverse backgrounds, strengths, and challenges. Such leaders also advocate adapting curriculum and teaching and learning strategies to build on the strengths and meet the needs of every learner. For this Assignment, you will examine the relationship between culture, learning, and motivation in an education context you serve or aspire to serve.

To prepare for this Assignment, review culturally responsive education practices in the resources in this course. Review module resources for key conceptual findings about the relationship between motivational theory and culturally responsive education practices. Analyze innovative learning projects described in the media in this module through the lenses of motivation theory and culturally responsive practices.


You have been asked to develop and present a workshop session at a professional conference being held at a local university. The subject of your session is to describe the relationship between culturally responsive education practices and motivational theory. You decide that your session will include the following components:

•Three culturally responsive practices that positively impact motivation.

•How innovative learning initiatives can reduce culturally-based barriers and support motivation to learn with examples of learning initiatives from the media resources in the current course you are taking for your postgraduate degree.

•Guiding principles that address the culturally responsive needs of your organization and ensure culturally responsive, motivational learning in the education context you serve or hope to serve. Use and cite resources from the course you are currently taking as well as those from your own reading.

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