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Financial system: Components & Functions and Regulatory arms

You have recently graduated from Nizwa College of Technology. You have just started to work as an Financial advisor at Al Madina Financial & Investment Service. One of the firm’s clients is Ali Abdullah, a professional football player in Oman. Ali Abdullah is a highly ranked football player who would like to start a company to produce and market sports garments/clothes. He also expects to invest huge amount of money through Al Madina Financial & Investment Service. Ali Abdullah is very bright, and, therefore, he would like to understand how his money would be invested and the returns enjoyed in general terms.

Your manager requires you to narrate the following to Mr. Ali Abdullah:

(Answer to all the following questions collectively shall be 150 to 200 words)

  1. Oman’s Financial system: Components & Functions, and Regulatory arms and its respective functions. (7 Marks)
  2. The role of various financial intermediaries in sourcing capital for a business organization.

(3 Marks)

Students has to answer the questions typewritten (Font size – 12; Font type: Times New Roman; Line spacing: 1.5 File format: .docx) in the word format. Figures / Diagrams, equations and solving of problems can be written by hand and added to the document as a picture/image.


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