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Financial Markets Assignment

Financial Markets Assignment

Investing in Equities

For this assignment you are required to produce a report on investment in equities. You must choose a business that is quoted on the UK stock exchange.


You have £10,000 to invest. You will need to refer to the financial press and company accounts to decide which company to invest in. You will then analyseyour company’sperformance over the last year to make a final decision whether to invest or not.

Report Content


This will be a general introduction to the company you are interested in. You should state why you initially think this would be a wise investment. This should be based on economic climate and the nature of the business. 6 marks

You should also include some comparison to the sector as a whole. 4 marks


• You will look at the financial press for the last month and analyze the movement in the shares for your company. 6marks

• The dividend history tables for the last two years and comment on the movement in the dividend. 4 marks

• Calculation of ratios from the latest Company Accounts. This should include financial ratios,investment ratios and risk ratios. 12 marks

• Analyze the ratio results 12 marks


A final decision, with reasons based on your findings, whether you are going to invest in this company or not.

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