As seen in Workshop Two, the beginning of each dispensation is critical for
understanding the framework of each dispensation. Changing a dispensation by
just a few chapters can change quite a bit of our understanding and application of
each one. So this becomes most crucial when talking about our own dispensation.
How should we live today? Why? These are the questions that this assignment
will help us to answer.

Read Chapter 4 of your MacDonald textbook. Here, he outlines when the
Body of Christ begins according to a Mid-Acts position. In this paper, you
will summarize this view and also point out the strengths and weaknesses.
Write a 3 page (minimum) paper explaining the Mid-Acts view for
beginning the Body of Christ. Ensure the following points are addressed.
0 Give a good description of where the Body of Christ begins
according to the Mid-Acts View.
0 Use several Scripture passages to support this.
0 Give your own evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of this
0 Provide at least two academic resources.

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