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Experimental Variables Paper

Questions to answer in the experimental variables paper due in week 16, as they apply to the “Cookie Monster” and “Fighting Anorexia” articles:

Question 1: Both of these articles summarize the findings of psychological research studies. Do they provide adequate details about the research so that you can evaluate the experimental procedures? If not, specify what additional information you would need to understand and evaluate the research.

Question 2: One of the studies could not involve the manipulation of an independent variable—for which study was it impossible to manipulate an independent variable? Why was it impossible for the researchers to manipulate a variable? What problem does the lack of a manipulated independent variable cause for the researchers drawing a conclusion?

Question 3: Imagine that you are a psychologist who wants to conduct research as a follow-up to one of the studies described in the articles. Choose one of the studies and decide what kind of experimental question you would want to ask next. In other words, what would you attempt to discover in a follow-up experiment?

Note: Be sure to indicate each question (either by its number, or restate the question) in your paper as you answer them.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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